BioCam 2.0

BioCam 2.0


This one of a kind video otoscope has multi-use capabilities, giving medical professionals more flexibility in one device.

Designed with precision and cutting edge technology. The Goldline BioCam2.0™ takes video otoscopy one step further. This cutting edge device, designed with precision makes ear examination simple, practical, and accurate.

Its high resolution imaging and video recording enables you to capture clear vivid images and video, better than any other video otoscopes in the market for a fraction of the price.

Light weight, ergonomic, and easy to use, this device enables you to focus on diagnosing the eardrums or the middle ear with ease. It’s perfectly sized BioTip® come in many sizes, to ensure your patient’s comfort during examination.

With The BioCam2.0™, patient can see what you are viewing. This will increase their understanding which results in higher compliance.

This USB compatible, one of a kind otoscope is portable and easy to use. No more heavy monitors or complicated software. Just download the BioCam2.0™ software, plug-in to any lap top or desktop computer, and you are ready to diagnose. The BioCam2.0™ is a must have for every professional practice.

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