Available with OAE/Tympanometer combo option

Handheld Otoacoustic Emissions device available in a screening version or flexible diagnostic version with custom protocols.

Available with optional OAE/Tympanometer combo for combined testing.

  • Portable Diagnostic OAE with Tympanometry

  • One probe fit completes three tests (DPOAE/TEOAE, Tympanometry and Ipsi Acoustic Reflex)

  • External and internal probe options

  • Intuitive interface for fast, easy operation

  • Sequenced protocols permit a full test battery

  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities

  • Test up to 12 frequency bands as close as 100 Hz apart

  • Customizable settings and protocols

  • 4 AA alkaline battery operation

  • Print to thermal paper, PDF or PC printer

  • Patient management database optional

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